Coal-Trol Digital Advanced



Product Features:

  • +/-1 Degree Fahrenheit temperature control precision. (From a Coal Stove?)
  • Average 11% fuel savings over traditional high/low stove thermostats. (Less fuel hauling & less ash? Tell me how.)
  • Day and night setpoints (user controlled temperatures and times).
  • The current day/night temperature setpoint can be easily overridden, the override stays in place until it is changed again or the next day/night setpoint time occurs.
  • Works with both two motor and single motor (Tri-burn) feed/combustion air mechanisms.
  • Supports Direct Vent/Power Vent chimney systems.
  • Direct Vent fume switch and bonnet safety sensors are supported, along with a software high temperature limit of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  If a fault is detected all fans except the direct vent fan are disabled.
  • If included 25ft controller cable is not long enough for your needs, standard ethernet cable, easily purchased from many retail and online stores is a ready alternative.
  • Conforms to UL 873 Standard for Safety for Temperature-Indicating and -Regulating Equipment.



Package Includes:

  • TS2 Digital Thermostat
  • CM1 Control Module
  • 25ft control cord.
  • 7ft power cord.
  • Installation and user instruction manuals.
  • All mounting hardware.

Price: $399.00

Weight: 5.00 lbs

Remember to see if you need a plug cord set.

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