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Coaltrol Control System

Automation Correct LLC proudly announces the all-new Coaltrol TS2BL Thermostat and the new Coaltrol Control System for the 2022-23 heating season!

TS2 Thermostat CM2-4 Control Module  

Package Contents:

  • TS2BL Thermostat
  • CM2-4 Control Module
  • 25ft thermostat control cord
  • 6 ft power cord
  • All mounting hardware

Weight: 4.0 lbs

Coaltrol Control System

Includes free shipping!

Thermostat Cord Upgrades

50 ft +$30.00
75 ft +$45.00


Plug Cord Kit +$18.00
Fume Switch Interlock +$40.00
AUX Fan Relay +$35.00
If you'd like to order over the phone instead, please call (315)299-3589. Please call or email to ask questions before ordering.

Compatibility: The Coaltrol is compatible with most automatic stoker stoves. See our list of known compatible stoves. Email us if you don't see your stove on the list.

Upgrading your Coaltrol: If you have a Coaltrol control system already and only want to upgrade your thermostat, please purchase on the TS2BL Thermostat page instead.



  • New backlit LCD display
  • New modern case design
  • Two cord mounting options: cord behind (in-wall) or cord below.
  • Comes pre-configured for the new Single Setpoint Mode -- no programming needed! If you need programmed setpoints, there are two optional setpoint modes available: a two setpoint mode (TS2) and an eight setpoint mode (TS2ES). See downloadable manual for details!
  • New, simplified menu system
  • +/-1 Degree Fahrenheit temperature control precision. (From a Coal Stove?)
  • Average 11% fuel savings over traditional high/low stove thermostats. (Less fuel hauling & less ash? Tell me how.)
  • Works with both two motor and single motor (Tri-burn) feed/combustion air mechanisms.
  • Supports Direct Vent/Power Vent chimney systems.
  • Direct Vent fume switch and bonnet safety sensors are supported, along with a software high temperature limit of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If a fault is detected the stove is shut down.
  • Conforms to UL 873 Standard for Safety for Temperature-Indicating and -Regulating Equipment.

Notice: TS2 and TS2ES thermostats are discontinued. Standard and Standard+ control systems are also discontinued. All warranties will continue to be honored. Contact us with any questions.

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