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Automation Correct LLC proudly announces the all-new Coaltrol TS2BL Thermostat for the 2022-23 heating season!

After providing nearly 20 years of reliable coal and alternative fuel heating appliance control to our customers and stove OEM partners with our TS1, TS2, and TS2ES thermostats and associated control systems, we have redesigned our thermostat with improved ease of use, better aesthetics, and continued bulletproof reliability in mind.

What's New?

In developing the Coaltrol TS2BL Thermostat we've brought a number of important improvements to our industry-leading solid-fuel heating control system thermostat, including:

  • A new, more pleasing aesthetic.
  • A newly designed backlit display that improves usability at night and in low light.
  • The all-new Single Setpoint Mode. Multiple setpoint programming not required! Set the temperature where you want and it will be used until you change it again.
  • If you want multiple programmed setpoints you no longer need to select which thermostat you want to buy, the TS2 or TS2ES. In addition to the new Single Setpoint Mode, the TS2BL supports both the TS2 (2 setpoints used on all days of the week) and TS2ES (4 weekday and 4 weekend setpoints) as a built-in options of the TS2BL.
  • An all-new menu system that improves navigation and ease of use.

Backward Compatible

If you have an existing Coaltrol control system and want to upgrade to the new Coaltrol TS2BL Thermostat you have nothing to worry about, it is 100% compatible with existing Coaltrol control systems! The TS2BL thermostat can be purchased directly from Automation Correct LLC as an upgrade to existing systems.

Moving forward, all new Coaltrol systems will include the TS2BL thermostat.

TS2 and TS2ES Being Discontinued

The TS2 and TS2ES model thermostats have been discontinued. All warranties on TS2 and TS2ES thermostats will continue to be honored. The choice between replacements or repairs will continue to be at Automation Correct LLC's discretion. The decision if a warranty replacement will be with a TS2BL or a refurbished TS2/TS2ES is at Automation Correct's discretion, as well.

All questions and inquiries should be sent to or you can contact your nearest coal stove dealer.

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