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January 1, 2010 - Effective as of January 1, 2010, the EPA has discontinued the Energy Star rating program for programable thermostats.  The features and capabilities of our thermostats (including the TS2ES "Energy Star" model) have not changed, but we are forced to stop using the Energy Star label on all product art, documentation, and promotional materials.  For more information on this and the ongoing efforts to draft a new specification please visit:

March 8, 2009 - Important bulletin!  Owners of Keystoker Koker stoves from 2008-2009 with a Coal-trol Digital system installed should read this important bulletin on a convection blower issue that has been discovered.  Bulletin includes full details and remedy.

April 23, 2008 - We're fast approaching the release of the Coal-trol Digital™ Igniter and the new 2008-2009 Coal-trol Digital™ stoker stove thermostat control systems. The Igniter has been three years in development in close cooperation with Leisure Line Stove company, producers of highest quality stove products and leaders in customer satisfaction and forward looking vision. Automation Correct is pleased to have this partner in growing and advancing the automatic stoker coal stove industry and we eagerly look forward to a great 2008-2009 season! The Igniter was recently demonstrated at the Leisure Line Stove company factory store open house.

Leisure Line Stove Company Logo

Igniter demo screen capture picture

Click on the picture to download the video.

April 3, 2008 - Automation Correct LLC is proud to announce that Keystoker hot air stoves and furnaces will continue to be offered with Coal-trol Digital as optional, factory installed equipment through the 2008-2009 heating season.  Soon to be announced new features and system options will be introduced in the Coal-trol Digtial product line in 2008, we're happy to be working with Keystoker to bring these enhancements to their customers.

March 31, 2008 - Hitzer's new coal stoker stove, with fully integrated Coal-trol Digital control and ignition systems, won a Finalist placement at this year's Hearth & Home Magazine Vesta Awards!  Competing in the "Hearth Products, Other Fuels" category against more than 60 other entries, the Hitzer stoker stove tied for 2nd place.  We congratulate Hitzer on this great achievement!  Look in upcoming issues of the Hearth & Home magazine for articles on the HPBExpo, the Vesta awards and the Hitzer stoker stove with integrated Coal-trol Digital technology. 

March 31, 2008 - Hitzer, Inc. is introducing their first ever automatic coal stoker stove!  Due to hit the market in June 2008, the stove will come equipped with both the Coal-trol Digital™ control system and the new Coal-trol Digital™ Ignition system, the much anticipated electronic coal-fire ignition accessory for the Coal-trol Digital stoker control system.  More information on this new stoker stove and the Coal-trol Digital Ignition system and our retail add-on Igniter kit will be added to this site as the release date approaches.  Check back often!

March 31, 2008 - Automation Correct LLC, in cooperation with LMF Manufacturing (Woolrich, PA), has developed and released to market the Coal-trol Digital™ for CORN (the "Corn-trol").  Based on the Coal-trol Digital™ platform, the Corn-trol brings the efficiency gains, comfort, ease of use, and dependability of the Coal-trol Digital system to the corn fired furnace market.  Corn-trol will initially be available both as factory installed equipment on LMF Manufacturing's BM 620-9 and AH-170 hot air furnaces and also as a retail retrofit kit sold through LMF, but is designed to work with similar furnaces marketed by LDJ, RJM, J&H and others. For additional information please see the LMF press release.

October 17, 2007 - During Leisure Line Stove's factory store open house on October 13th we did our first public demonstrations of the long awaited automatic ignition system for coal stoker stoves.  We took a video of one of over a dozen starts we performed during the day.

September 26, 2007 - We've reached an agreement with Reading Stove to offer Coal-Trol Digital as optional equipment purchased at their stove dealers.  When you're looking to buy a Reading stove or already own one, be sure to ask your dealer about Coal-Trol Digital.

September 26, 2007 - Representatives for Coal-Trol Digital will be at the Bloomsburg Fair in the Stolz Stove Sales booth this Friday afternoon and during the day Saturday (Sept. 28-29).  We look forward to see you there!

September 11, 2007 - We're proud to announce that once again Leisure Line Stove Company is including the Coal-Trol Digital on their 2007-2008 stove product line as base equipment.  Please visit your local Leisure Line stove dealer or visit their website:

Leisure Line Stove Company

September 10, 2007 - Keystoker Stoves is offering Coal-Trol Digital systems as optional factory installed equipment on their stoves for the 2007-2008 season.  We're very happy to be working with Keystoker and look forward to serving them and their customers in the coming year.

September 8-9, 2007 - Automation Correct participated at the open house at Dennis Coal & Stove in Pompey, NY.  Manufacturer reps from Keystoker, Reading, Hitzer, and Alaska particpate at this annual event, selling stoves over the weekend immediately following the close of the New York State Fair.  Thanks to everyone who came out and purchased directly from us or bought a new stove with a Coal-Trol Digital system as an option.

May 13, 2007 - We've updated our list prices for the 2007-2008 heating season and have adjusted our online prices accordingly.

March 28, 2007 - Automation Correct presents igniter technology at Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program training seminar.  Click here to read about it.

December 11, 2006 - Coal-trol Digital system improves performance of Harman Magnum Stoker stove and is easy to install!

Retrofit of a Coal-trol Basic or Standard Control Modules is very easy because the Harman Magnum already has plug cords attached to the motors.  Denny Hess, of south central Pennsylvania, has been kind enough to share his experience with his father's stove, and provides a report and pictures. Thanks to Mr. Hess for his assistance in proving out the benefits of the Coal-trol Digital on this popular brand of stoker stove.

December 7, 2006 - Coal-Trol Digital is featured in the December issue of Hearth & Home magazine.  Here is a reproduction of the article.  Note: The article incorrectly states that we have shipped only 40 units to Leisure Line Stove Company.  This figure was true for 2005, but since our becoming standard equipment on Leisure Line Stoves for 2006 we have shipped considerably more units.

October, 2006 - SATOP (Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program) New York's latest newsletter features an article detailing the Coal-Trol, specifically our upcoming igniter system and the heating element that SATOP engineers helped us design.  Here is a reproduction of the article.

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